How it Works

CloudBets uses a form of Artificial Intelligence known as poission regression followed by a series of custom built learners to predict the outcome of football (soccer) games.

You can read papers on this concept here.

CloudBets hunts the internet for bookmaker data in the 4 major betting regions (Europe, USA, UK and Australia). It compares the current published odds data with the outcome of the proprietary CloudBets AI engine and finds the bets with the highest expected value (the delta in this circumstance being where the bookmaker is most likely to have skewed the odds to hedge against a probable outcome).

Why it Works

Consider the following three steps:

1 - Modern bookmakers outsource the calculation of their probabilities to a small handful of white-labeled odds calculating firms who sell it as a proprietary API feed. This means that when game odds go live you initially end up with similar odds across all the different global betting platforms.

2 - Bookmaker data adjusts in real time as bets are placed in order to hedge the bookmaker's position on either side of the event. Popular bets where the published odds have become skewed can be identified and ranked by significance based on expected value.

3- Therefore, the higher delta listed, the larger the gap between the bookmaker's odds and the most probable statistical outcome. The strongest bets are those with the highest integer value in the delta column.

CloudBets is a demonstration of machine learning only and assumes no responsibility for the outcome of any games or bets made as a result of this engine.